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Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Consider taking an MIT course that Wellesley does not offer. You can follow up a Wellesley course with more advanced work, or just take a mathematics course in the environment of a research university. A beginning graduate course will give students a flavor of graduate school, although it is recommended that students take at least one undergraduate MIT course first. Be prepared for a very different experience!

Here are some suggested courses at MIT. To obtain more details, check the MIT mathematics course catalog and chat with Professor Hirschhorn.


Courses with rough Wellesley equivalents (given in parentheses):

  • 18.02: Calculus (Math 205)
  • 18.03: Differential Equations (Math 210)
  • 18.04: Complex Variables with Applications (Math 208/310)
  • 18.05: Introduction to Probability and Statistics (Math 220)
  • 18.314: Combinatorial Analysis (Math 225)
  • 18.700: Linear Algebra (Math 206)
  • 18.781: Theory of Numbers (Math 223)

Courses with no Wellesley equivalents:

  • 18.310 and 18.311: Principles of Applied Mathematics
  • 18.330: Introduction to Numerical Analysis
  • 18.385: Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos
  • 18.440: Probability and Random Variables (more advanced than Math 220)


Courses with rough Wellesley equivalents (given in parentheses):

  • 18.100: Analysis I (Math 302)
  • 18.103: Fourier Analysis: Theory and Applications (Math 303)
  • 18.112: Functions of a Complex Variable (Math 208/310)
  • 18.510: Introduction to Mathematical Logic and Set Theory (Math 309)
  • 18.701: Algebra I (Math 305)
  • 18.702: Algebra II (Math 306)
  • 18.901: Introduction to Topology (Math 307)

Courses with no Wellesley equivalents:

  • 18.101: Analysis II (Analysis on Manifolds)
  • 18.511: Introduction to Mathematical Logic and Recursion Theory
  • 18.950: Differential Geometry

Graduate Level

Courses with no Wellesley equivalents:

  • 18.125: Measure and Integration
  • 18.705: Commutative Algebra
  • 18.905: Algebraic Topology

Olin College

The Wellesley Registrar's Office has recently decided that Wellesley students can receive Wellesley College credit for the following mathematics courses at Olin. Some of these courses can be counted towards the Mathematics major or minor; please consult the Chair of the Department for details.

  • MTH 2150: Applied Mathematical Methods
  • MTH 2199: Introduction to Mathematical Modeling
  • MTH 3140: Coding Theory
  • MTH 3150: Numerical Methods and Scientific Computing
  • MTH 3199: Special Topics in Mathematics: Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos

Wellesley students will receive one credit for each course, which the exception of MTH 2199: Introduction to Mathematical Modeling, for which they will receive 0.5 credits.

For more information about Wellesley's cross registration program with Olin, click here.

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