Medical Professions Advisory Committee's "committee letters"

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As part of each medical profession’s application process, you will be asked to request a committee letter from Wellesley’s Medical Professions Advisory Committee (MPAC).

While admissions committees are interested in your academic ability, particularly your capacity to handle required sciences courses, they also want to know about your personal characteristics. Comments from the MPAC, as well as those made by faculty members, research supervisors, coaches, and employers about your academic ability, performance, per­son­ality, motivation, and leadership are significant factors in eval­uating your application. At Wellesley College, the Medical Professions Advisory Committee prepares the committee letter.

The committee letter is composed by the member of the MPAC who is the applicant’s advisor, then reviewed and co-signed by the Chair of the MPAC. The committee presents as full a picture of the applicant as possible based on the student’s record, the advisor’s knowledge of the student, information supplied by the student before and during her interview with two MPAC members, and the letters of recommendation written by individual faculty members and employers. The individual letters of recommendation are scanned directly into the body of the letter, unedited and in their entirety.

If, for any reason, you do not want to utilize the Medical Professions Advisory Committee’s letter, you have the option of sending the individual letters of recommendation from the Center for Work and Service instead.  Please remember that if you do not stay in communication with your advisor and/or do not respond to emails from the Coordinator or Chair, you risk forfeiting an MPAC letter.

What the committee letter includes

  • Approximately four to six individual recommendations, unedited, used in their entirety, scanned into the letter
  • Reference to your academic record and extracurricular activities and performance, as well as personal qualities, such as motivation and leadership
  • Comments of the Medical Professions Advisory Committee of Wellesley College relating to the strength of your candidacy
  • Your complete name as indicated on your application and your application ID number on each page of the committee letter
  • A statement about the confidentiality of the letters and an statement indicating that the individual letters are presented unedited and in their entirety

​Timing of committee letters

Please understand that preparing the committee letter is extremely time-consuming. Most advisors plan to write the committee letter during the summer, waiting until you have submitted your application. Some write letters earlier using the information we have in your file. You and your advisor must discuss the timing of your application and the committee letter. Advisors are not available all summer. It is your responsibility to inform your advisor when your application will be submitted and to check with your advisor about the writing of the letter.

After it is written by your advisor, it takes more time to be proofread and formatted by the Coordinator, then revised by the Chair of the Medical Professions Advisory Committee in consultation with the advisor, and co-signed by the Chair and advisor.  Be sure to check the status of your letter.