Your undergraduate transcript

Submit to MPAC Order official transcript Understand application services

Submit your own copies of transcripts to the Medical Professions Advisory Committee

At the beginning of this process, you will need your own copies of transcripts or grade reports to record accurate information on your course list for us. You will need to submit online copies of each transcript or grade report for your file to the Medical Professions Advisory Committee.

Order official transcripts from Registrar's Office(s)

Later on, when you apply to medical schools, you will need to order official transcripts from the registrars’ offices at each school (undergraduate and graduate) you have attended. Official transcripts must go directly to application services, or, if you apply to schools that do not participate in an application service, directly to the admissions offices. Please note that we do not send transcripts from our office.

For degrees or coursework (e.g., summer courses at other schools) completed before spring, send transcripts early, as soon as the application service will accept them. Sometimes they get lost in the mail or misfiled at the application service. Check online to be sure they were received. If you are taking spring courses, when you order your transcript from the Registrar’s Office, be sure to indicate that it should not be sent until spring grades have been entered on the transcript.

In addition to using the Registrar’s transcript order form, application services require or prefer that their own transcript request forms accompany your official transcript. Check the transcript instructions from your application service for details.

Understand how application services report and calculate grades

Application services recalculate your grades after you submit your application. Check the website of your application service. AMCAS, for example, subcategorizies your grades into the following GPAs:

  • BCPM GPA (Biological Sciences (including Neuroscience), Chemistry, Physics, and Math (including Statistics)
  • GPA for All Other courses
  • Total GPA

They are calculated cumulatively, but also separately for each year of college. Graduate level GPAs are provided also. This gives schools a chance to see how you have done from year to year, noting the trajectory of your grades.