At the end of your first year, Advanced Placement credits are added to your Wellesley record.

If you have questions about AP and IB units on your Wellesley record, please check the Registrar’s web site. Students who have AP credit from Wellesley in any of the required courses for the medical professions are advised to do advanced work in the same field.   Many professional schools will not accept AP credit in fulfillment of their requirements.  One common exception is Math. (If you will be receiving AP Calculus credit on your Wellesley transcript, please check the web sites of individual schools to see if your AP credit can be applied. For example, some schools will allow AP credits to be use toward completion of the math requirement, but not the sciences.)

Some professional schools specifically require college courses in particular disciplines and will not accept AP credit. Others might accept the AP courses for the basic requirements, but they will expect to see advanced courses in the same field. Each school is different.

It is your responsibility to check web sites of individual schools to see if AP credit is accepted (UCLA, for example, will not accept AP credit for any requirement).  Remember, if you take the course over again, you do not keep the AP unit (with the exception of Biology).  If you have more than four units of AP courses that were eligible for inclusion on your Wellesley transcript, you should have been asked to choose which ones you want recorded. If you had more than four and you did not get to choose and you want to change them, get in touch with the Registrar’s Office now. Make math a priority and be sure the units you are entitled to are on your transcript (if you got a 4 or 5 on AP Calculus BC you should have two units).