Study Abroad

Students interested in the medical professions can study abroad, but they need to plan early and carefully.

Remember that while schools are pleased to see students studying abroad and learning about other cultures, they do not want you to take their required courses outside the United States.  You can take science courses when you study abroad, but the medical professions’ requirements should be taken in the United States. It is advisable to get pre-approval at Wellesley before you take it somewhere else if you want to get credit on the Wellesley transcript.

Write out a schedule to see if studying abroad is possible, and remember to account for all necessary prerequisites for the courses. Premedical students who go abroad usually go for one semester.  When planning around study abroad, check whether the Wellesley courses are generally offered in fall or spring (e.g., if you are taking Genetics, it is usually offered only in the fall). Many students decide to postpone applying to medical school until after senior year in order to be able to go abroad junior year, which is a very good option.

For some students who want to go abroad, a semester is not possible.  They plan to go abroad in summers or during January breaks.