Music Auditions for Lessons & Ensembles - Fall 2016

Sign-up sheets for auditions will be posted starting Sunday, August 28.

Baroque Violin/Viola:  Please contact Jane Starkman at with questions or to schedule an audition time.

Cello:  Date and Location TBD in Jewett Arts Center, Room 107. Please sign-up for an audition time on the sign-up sheet outside the Music office, Jewett, Room 205

Clarinet:  Please contact Kathy Matasy at with questions or to schedule an audition time.

Flute, Baroque Flute:  Auditions Tuesday, August 30 from 2:00 to 6:00pm in Jewett Arts Center, Room 372.  Please sign up for a time on the on-line sign-up sheetPlease contact Suzanne Stumpf at with any questions.

Harpsichord:  Please contact Daniel Ryan at with questions or to schedule an audition.

Guitar and Lute: Please contact Glorianne Collver-Jacobson to arrange an audition/initial meeting time if you are interested in taking Private Lessons (99, 199, & 299). For those interested in guitar group lessons, there will be an Informational Meeting:  Date, Time and Location TBD. For both private and group lessons, please be sure to sign-up on the sign-up sheets posted outside the music office during Orientation week and contact the instructor by email at

Harp:  Please contact Ina Zdorovetchi at; 617-515-4082 to set-up an audition time.

Jazz Piano:  Date, Time and Location TBD.

Jazz, Pop Voice:  Sign-up sheet will be posted regarding auditions.  Please contact Kris Adams at with questions.

Jazz Saxophone:  Sign-up sheet will be posted regarding auditions.  Please contact Cercie Miller at with questions.

Jazz Trumpet:  Please contact Tom Deprey, at or by phone at 508-284-4347 with questions or to schedule an audition time.

Jazz Violin and Viola:  Please contact Paula Zeitlin, with questions or to schedule an audition time.

Oboe:  Please contact Jane Harrison at with questions or to schedule an audition time.

Organ:  Please contact Helen Ward Mannix at with questions and to schedule an audition time.

Piano:  Auditions TBD. Please register for a performance time on the sign-up sheet outside the Music office, Jewett 205.

Trombone:  Please contact Gabe Langfur at with questions or to schedule an audition time.

Viola da Gamba:  Please contact Laura Jeppesen at with questions or to schedule an audition time.

Violin and Viola:  Date, Time and Location TBD.

Voice (classical & musical theater):  Tuesday, August 30 from 3:00am to 6:00pm in Jewett Arts Center, Room 209. Please see information below regarding how to prepare for the audition.

All other instruments: Students who have a desire to take private or group lessons on an instrument not listed above will be contacted by the instructor for that instrument during the first week of class. If this does not occur or you have questions, contact Eliko Akahori, Director of the Music Performance Program by email:

Preparing for Auditions

Auditions for private instruction take several different forms. Voice, strings, and piano have scheduled auditions during Orientation Week or during the first week of classes. All other instrumental auditions occur during a “first meeting” with the instructor. Listed below are requirements for some instruments/voice. If your instrument or style is not listed, it is safe to assume you should prepare to play two short excerpts or pieces in contrasting styles. Auditions are intended to be relaxed and pleasant!

199 - All major scales in two octaves.
A study of the difficulty of Milde Scale Studies or Vaulet Studies.
Slow and fast solo movements of the difficulty of Vivaldi’s Concerto in F Major.

299 - Chromatic scale covering the entire range up to high D, major and minor scales three octaves, the range of the instrument.
A study of the difficulty of Milde Concert studies
Fast and slow movements of the difficulty of Mozart’s Bassoon Concerto or Weber’s Andante and Rondo, or Weber’s Concerto.

Please prepare two contrasting movements (time periods and styles) and bring a list of completed repertoire and etudes/studies.

Jazz Violin/Viola:
Play any two- or three-octave scale, and a piece in any style (classical, fiddle, rock, world, etc.) that you know well. Students with improvisation experience may play a blues or jazz standard of their choice.  (Improvisation experience is welcome but not necessary!)   Questions? Please contact Paula Zeitlin,

Prepare to perform two or more pieces of intermediate to advanced difficulty from different style periods (i.e. baroque, classical, romantic, modern).

Oboe :
You will be asked to play scales, Barret or Ferling Etude, and two movements of a solo piece.

Perform a scale plus a set of arpeggios and two contrasting pieces, usually one fast and one slow.

Trombone:  Please prepare two contrasing pieces.

Violin and Viola:
Prepare 2 contrasting pieces and a scale with arpeggio's. Please play your best or favorite piece. For beginners who have nothing prepared, sign-up for an audition and visit to introduce yourself and express your wishes. If you have additional questions, please contact Laura Bossert at

Voice :
Singers should prepare 3-5 minutes of music maximum, preferably something you like and know well. An accompanist will be provided, so please bring a copy of the music you will sing for the pianist, if you wish accompaniment. You are also welcome to sing unaccompanied or to accompany yourself, if you prefer. There will also be a questionnaire asking about your musical background and interests, so please come a few minutes early (and bring a pen!) to complete that before your audition.

Auditions for Ensembles

All auditions with specific dates and times require sign up. Sign-up sheets will be posted outside the Music Department Office in Jewett, near the Auditorium.

Brandeis-Wellesley Orchestra Auditions: Auditions are held at the beginning of each semester.  Fall 2016 auditions on the Wellesley College campus will be Tuesday, August 30 from 3:00 - 7:00pm in Jewett Arts Center Auditorium, and on Thursday, September 1 from 5:00 to 9:00pm in Jewett Arts Center, Room 218Please visit the calendar for the Orchestra for additional information. *For the audition, prepare two contrasting selections  - a half a page to a page of each. We recommend you include a first movement of a classical sonata or concerto. If you arrive without music, prepare a scale of your choice in as many octaves as your technique permits.

Choir/Chamber Singers Auditions:  Sunday, August 28 from 10:00am-12:00pm and 3:00-6:00pm, and Monday, August 29 from 4:00-7:00pm in Jewett Arts Center, Room 209.

Chamber Music Society Auditions: Tuesday, August 30 from 6:00 to 9:30pm; Wednesday, August 31 from 12:30 to 2:30pm, and Tuesday, September 6 from 7:00 to 9:30p.  All auditions will be held in Jewett Arts Center, Room 107.  Please sign-up for an audition time on the sign-up sheets outside the Music Dept. office, Jewett Arts Center, Room 205. If you can't attend on the noted days, please contact David Russell at regarding additional times. Chamber Music Society is comprised of as many as 20 different small groups of all instrumental and vocal combinations.  If you are interested and have just arrived on campus or have never participated before, please sign up for an audition.  Auditions will be held for all instrument and voice types.  Please bring two contrasting pieces and be prepared to do some brief sight-reading.  We hope you will join us!

Guild of Carilonneurs: Applications for membership in the Guild are available the first week of classes through the Guild. Please send questions to Margaret Angelini,

Wellesley BlueJazz Ensemble Program Auditions:  Tuesday, August 30 from 3:00pm to 6:00pm in Jewett Arts Center, Room-106. The Wellesley BlueJazz Ensemble Program includes BlueJazz Big Band, BlueJazz Strings and BlueJazz Combos. Jazz auditions are open to any interested instrumentalist or vocalist. Vocalists are encouraged to sign-up for both Jazz Auditions and Vocal Auditions.  Piano, drumset, acoustic bass, electric bass and bass amp will be provided for those students who need them. Prepare any piece you feel shows your musicality best. A jazz or blues piece is preferred but not required. If you do not have a jazz or blues piece prepared, play anything you are comfortable playing! You can play unaccompanied, or with a CD or ipod accompaniment. If you have experience with improvisation, we'd like to hear you improvise. If not, the ability to improvise is not required. Play two scales of your choice. Optional: Sightread a jazz chart and play a blues scale.

If you have questions, please contact Cercie Miller, Jazz-World Music Program Coordinator at

Yanvalou Open Meeting: Yanvalou does not hold auditions. If you are interested, please attend the first meeting on Tuesday, September 6 from 5:00 to 9:00pm in Jewett Arts Center Auditorium or contact the Director, Kera Washington at

Collegium Auditions: The first meeting of the group is scheduled for Monday, September 12 at 7:30pm in Jewett Arts Center, Room 372.  If you can't attend the first meeting, please contact Andrew Arceci at to schedule an audition time and place.

For information regarding specific ensembles, please see the Ensembles page.