Jane Yang '16

Hello! My name is Jane Yang, and I am a sophomore majoring in neuroscience. I joined the Tetel lab during fall semester of my sophomore year.

During my first year at Wellesley, I was planning on majoring in Media Art and Sciences. However, my thoughts changed after taking a course in computer vision. As I was learning different strategies on how to program a computer to handle visual information, I began to appreciate how efficient our brain is at extracting detailed information from images. While visual processing may seem intuitive to us, it is impossible for a computational model to interpret a given image with the same flexibility and complexity as we do. This drew my attention to brain in general, and I decided to change my major to neuroscience.

I am working with Liz Bless on the role of hormones in energy homeostasis in the female mouse. We are exploring the possible interaction between the leptin and estrogen systems in hypothalamus.

My research experience here has been valuable, and I hope to continue working in the Tetel lab throughout my time at Wellesley.