Kalpana Acharya


Hi, I am Kalpana Acharya. I have been a member of Tetel lab since July, 2012.  Prior to joining Tetel lab, I received my clinical degree in Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) from the Institute of Medicine, Nepal in 2004, and PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology from Kent State University.  During BAMS, which is four and a half years of coursework with a one year internship among major national hospitals in Nepal, I learned a wide range of techniques and methods of treatment with a major focus on those originated from the Indian subcontinent. Since Ayurveda emphasizes mostly drug-free interventions or use of herbal medicines to treat disorders, one of the things I really enjoyed learning was being able to identify and learn uses of hundreds of locally available medicinal plants in disease treatment.

To understand and better appreciate the value of research in basic and medical science, I left my home country, the birthplace of Buddha and the country of Mount Everest, to pursue a PhD at Kent State University.  There, I studied the membrane bound G-protein coupled estrogen receptor GPR30 and sex-linked genes including ribosomal gene S6 in the developing zebra finch brain and its potential role in mediating brain sex differences.

To feed into my interest in neuroscience that I developed during my graduate life, I have joined the Tetel lab as a postdoctoral fellow where I will study the role of steroid receptor coactivators in female reproductive physiology and behavior.  Specifically, I have been working towards understanding the interaction of progestin receptor subtypes and steroid receptor cofactors SRC-1 and SRC-2 using PR-A and PR-B knockout mice model.  It has been very exciting to work with this very nice group and be able to learn as well as share new ideas and techniques! In addition to science, I love spending time with my family and cooking in my leisure time.