Kathy Mu '08

Kathy is currently attending the Tulane School of Architecture.

My work focused on ovarian steroid activity in the uterus, namely the interaction between ERα and SRC-2 in the presence and absence of estradiol.  Furthermore, since there is a correlation in the use of tamoxifen and incidences of uterine cancer, I wanted to see if tamoxifen in the uterus were an agonist and promotes transcription of estradiol targeted genes.  Since pull-downs were shown to be difficult in studying the role of tamoxifen in the uterus, co-immunoprecipitations may be the next step in the study. 
After graduating, I worked as a research assistant in the lab of Dr Charles Rice who studies Hepatitis C at the Rockefeller University in New York City.  I worked on a project to create a viable mouse model for in vivo study of Hep C.