Maud Muosieyiri '16

Hi! My name is Maud Muosieyiri and I come from Ghana.  I am a neuroscience major and I joined the Tetel Lab in the first semester of my sophomore year. I have always been interested in scientific research. For my IB diploma Extended Essay requirement, I independently investigated the Allelopathic effects of celery on tomatoes and cabbage germination. Though simple, this study further peaked my interest in scientific research.

I currently work with Kalpana Acharya and Sabin Nettles on a project that investigates the interactions between the subtypes of progestin receptors and the coactivators SRC-1 and SRC-2. We mainly use Pull down assays and Western Blot techniques to study these interactions.  Working on this project has been very exciting and rewarding. I therefore look forward to continue working in this lab over the summer.

After Wellesley, I plan on doing an MD program and research experience like that which I obtain from the Tetel Lab is helpful for this program. During my leisure time, I like to cook and listen to music.

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