Rosalind is currently attending Harvard Medical School.

I am a graduate of the Wellesley College Class of 2011 with a major in Neuroscience. I came to Wellesley for the opportunity to fully engage in scientific research and joined Professor Tetel’s team as a first year, where I continued to work throughout my four years at Wellesley.

In the Tetel lab, I worked on a collaboration project with Dr. Angelo Poletti (University of Milan), Dr. Larry Denner (The University of Texas Medical Branch), and Dr. Drew Webb (Wellesley College), to study the role of a dihydrotestosterone, 5 alpha-androstane-3 beta 17 beta-diol (3beta-Adiol), an androgen metabolite which binds to estrogen receptor beta (ERβ) and the coactivators in activating estrogen receptors signaling to inhibit cell migration of prostate cancer cells. I developed a pull-down assay to examine the interactions of the coactivators in DU-145 prostate cancer cells with ERβ and completed an honors thesis for this project.

In addition to working in the lab, I enjoyed being active in the Wellesley community, from initiating the Wellesley Children’s Literacy Initative with UNICEF (WCLI UNICEF), to leading the on-campus pre-medical society, the Hippocratic Society, as the president of the organization. I arranged volunteer trips for the group and had the opportunity to volunteer at Kanti Children’s Hospital in Nepal in 2009 and Hogar Esparnza, Costa Rica in 2010.

After graduation from Wellesley College, I began my medical training at Harvard Medical School in 2011 and am currently a fourth year medical student. My desire is to combine my interest in medicine and scientific research as I pursue a career in the field of neurosurgery.