Wing Yee (Jennifer) Wan '12

Hi, I’m Wing Yee (Jennifer) Wan, I graduated Wellesley College in May 2012 with a Classical Civilization major and Biology minor. I am currently attending New York Medical College.

I was part of the Tetel lab from Fall 2009 to December 2011. My overall goal was to investigate how hormones act in the brain. I worked on two projects: the first was to analyze how mouse progestin receptor subtypes interact with steroid receptor coactivators in the female mouse brain using a protein-protein pull-down assay. The second project focused on how mouse estrogen receptors interact with these coactivators. Rosalind Lai ’11 and I had worked on sub-cloning mouse estrogen receptors in order to perform the subsequent pull-down assays. 

I have also worked for two summers at the Lipid Metabolism lab of the Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging, located in Boston. I had the opportunity to study how the drug Rosuvastatin, commonly known as Crestor, causes a decrease in LDL (bad) cholesterol while increasing HDL (good) cholesterol. I also worked part-time as a clinical research assistant for the Newborn Medicine department of Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

I started medical school in Fall 2012. I also commissioned into the United States Air Force as part of the Health Professions Scholarship Program. As of now, I am interested in psychiatry, a specialty that provides a unique bridge between science and the humanities.












While at New York Medical College, Jen learns to fly a Jet.