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Senior Prizes

The Klein Prize in Neuroscience in Memory of Louise Edwards
Established 4/2006
This prize in neuroscience is awarded to those students who demonstrate a commitment to Neuroscience and a life long pursuit of learning.  The award is given in memory of Louise Edwards who was a Lab Specialist in the Department of Biological Sciences at Wellesley College. She earned her PhD in Neurobiology and Behavior and a Masters Degree in Business Administration.

Russell Prize     
The Russell Prizein Neuroscience is awarded each year in memory of Allene Lummis Russell, Class of 1946, whose many contributions to education and to the Neuroscience Program at Wellesley College, have made a difference in our world. The Russell Prize is given to a graduating senior who has demonstrated exceptional promise through her achievements in research and academics while at Wellesley.

Hubel Thesis Writing Prize
The Hubel Thesis Writing Prize is given in recognition of an outstanding thesis in neuroscience to a graduating Wellesley College senior. The prize recognizes not only the original contribution to scientific knowledge of the thesis, but also the clarity of writing. The prize is given in honor of David Hubel, whose seminal work on the neural basis of vision was widely recognized for its lucidity.


Hubel Summer Research Fellowship

Patterson Summer Research Fellowship
The Patterson Summer Research Fellowship is awarded in recognition of a student’s academic excellence and their potential for success in research. Patterson Fellows display an excitement for original discovery and a desire to communicate knowledge to others, and embody the ethos of a Wellesley education. In addition to a summer research stipend, the Fellowship provides an honorarium of $300. The Fellowship is awarded to a student nominated by a faculty member in the Neuroscience Program or affiliated departments, including Chemistry, Biology, Psychology, Physics and Computer Science, and is not normally given to students who have received other major research fellowships or prizes.

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