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Letters from Students

June 28, 2011

"I am sending this email because everything I learned at Wellesley seems to be what my current lab is doing. Neuro 200 is the best class ever. Everything we did in Neuro 200 is what I am currently doing. All the lab work we did in Neur 200 lab is what I am doing this summer...I remember in 200 lab we conducted behavioral tasks on the mice and then we used the sectioning thing to make sections, we stained, and we mounted the brains. That is all I have been doing since I came here. I also remember Mike Wiest teaching us about Cre gene and how genes that express cre can be deleted or introduced. This summer I am working with cells whose genes we are deleting using Cre method...I only know this stuff because I did it in my Neuro 200 class."

~ Taibat Salami '13