Student Works

The following magazine-style articles were written for NEUR/BISC 306: Principles of Neural Development as one of several assignments for the course.

The Blind Face of Autism

Mona Guo '11

A New Look at the Vaccines and Autism Debate

Rachel Kery '12

Wagner for the Womb: Does pre-natal music stimulation affect the intelligence of a fetus?

Pui Man Rosalind Lai '11

Neuroscience + Music = ??: Probing Beyond "The Mozart Effect"

Sang-Hee Min '11

The Voice that Sounded Like Spaghetti and M&Ms: A Review of Synesthesia

Stephanie Newton '11

Learning to Sing: Probing Nature Versus Nurture with the Songbird

Adriane Otopalik '11

X Marks the Spot?: Unraveling Fragile X Syndrome

Christina Sun '11