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Professor Vincent Brown's multilayered interactive map, which presents the spatial history of the greatest slave insurrection in the British Empire in the eighteenth century. Professor Brown will speak at the Newhouse Center on October 6th. 


The Susan and Donald Newhouse Center for the Humanities at Wellesley College was established by a generous gift from Susan and Donald Newhouse in 2004. The Center supports innovative, imaginative and influential research in the humanities, broadly defined. Located on the second floor of Green Hall, the Newhouse Center hosts ten to twelve resident fellows each year. Fellows come from an increasingly competitive, international pool, which includes Wellesley faculty. A vibrant place that is becoming increasingly known in the Boston area and beyond, the Newhouse Center creates opportunities for intellectual risk-taking, critical humanistic thought, and the lively exchange of ideas.

Some ongoing programs that are open to the community include the Newhouse Distinguished Thinkers in short-term residence, the Mary J. Cornille Distinguished Lecture in the Humanities, given by the Visiting Professor in residence, the Elizabeth Jordan Lectures as well as other events organized around invited speakers, performers, and artists. Fellows and invited speakers lead Ateliers in which methods of research are the focus for smaller groups of the community. The Newhouse Center coordinates programs and activities with the Davis Museum and Cultural Center and with the performing arts and reaches out to student organizations to interface with their cultural and intellectual interests. Increasingly, the Newhouse Center reaches out to all members of the administrative staff and union staff to approach the Director, as units or individuals, with projects and ideas for potential collaboration. 

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The Susan and Donald Newhouse Center for the Humanities is a member of the Consortium of Humanities Centers and Institutes (CHCI). 

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Vincent Brown

10/6/2015, 5PM

Michele Longino

10/29/2015, 4:30PM

Salman Rushdie