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Lecturer of Theater Studies

Melinda Lopez, lecturer of theater studies, is a celebrated playwright who spoke to Radio Boston about her experiences and heritage. Lopez’ most recent play, Becoming Cuba was produced on both coasts. President Obama mentioned Lopez in his March 2016 speech while in Cuba, and the Boston Globe reported on Lopez's Cuban roots and a moving story about visiting the island.

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Roxanne Euben
Professor of Political Science

A winner of the Guggenheim fellowship, Roxanne Euben, professor of political science, is an authority on ISIS and its rhetorical strategies and use of media.

Professor of Spanish

Marjorie Agosin, professor of Spanish, is a poet, human rights activist and literary critic. Her work examines the literature of human rights in the Americas, Jewish literature, and women writers of Latin America as well as issues of migration, identity, and ethnicity.

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