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Wellesley has more than 350 leading scholars and public intellectuals who provide groundbreaking research and informed perspectives available nowhere else, as well as analysis on global issues. Wellesley Media Relations can quickly connect reporters and producers to Wellesley Experts who have the answers and context they need.

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Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics

Richard French, professor of astronomy and astrophysics, is a respected planetary astronomer who specializes in the study of the giant planets. He was a team member of NASA's Cassini mission to Saturn. He and his students use observations from spacecraft and Earth-based telescopes to explore all of the giant planets, including their atmospheres and satellites.

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Professor of Economics

Kristin Butcher, professor of economics and chair of the department, is a sought after analyst for job market data. She is an authority on labor and health economics, specializing in the study of immigration issues and childhood obesity in the United States.

Joseph Joyce
Professor of Economics and International Relations

Joseph Joyce, professor of economics and international relations, is a distinguished expert in the study of financial globalization, especially how it affects global inequality.

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