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Wellesley has more than 350 leading scholars and public intellectuals who provide groundbreaking research and informed perspectives available nowhere else, as well as analysis on global issues. Wellesley Media Relations can quickly connect reporters and producers to Wellesley Experts who have the answers and context they need.

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Professor of Computer Science

Takis Metaxas, professor of computer science, researches how the web is changing the way we think, decide and act. He studies the power of crowdsourcing and social networks, especially related to the prediction of political events. His research has been widely cited. Read about his research in Science magazine (Social Media and Elections). Also, learn more about his project Twitter TrailsLearn more about Professor Metaxas, follow him on Twitter, and contact him via email here. Follow us @WellesleyNews.


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Barbara Beatty
Professor of Education

Barbara R. Beatty, professor of education, is an expert on early education, preschool policy and advocacy, and education reform.

Professor of Political Science

Katharine Moon, professor of political science, is one of the foremost experts on the U.S.-Korea alliance and international politics related to the Korean peninsula. She has been featured on CNN, C-SPAN, and Aljazeera, among numerous other outlets.

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