October 10 Is Lake Day 2012 at Wellesley College

October 10, 2012

Tradition of Surprise Fun Braves the Drizzle with a 1950s Theme

promotional graphic for Lake Day saying "You're the one that I want," with "Fonz" lookalike

The Schneider Board of Governors (SPOG) hosts Lake Day 2012, “Greased Lightnin’,” on Wednesday afternoon, October 10. SBOG organizes and hosts large-scale events like Lake Day and Spring Week, now reliable and loved traditions at Wellesley. As soon as word of Lake Day’s date is revealed, the night before it happens, tweets and Facebook posts start popping up from friends and alums wishing Wellesley happy Lake Day, and longing for a Lake Day of their own after college.

Lake Day grew out of the desire for students to take a break from the rigors of their academic pursuits and have fun. Held in the fall, the student body surprises the College community with a picnic and other festivities, and a chance to enjoy the campus surroundings. Lake Day typically has a theme: This year's "Greased Lightnin'" theme evokes the 1950s; past themes have included Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (with Wendy Wonka), Harry Potter, and Alice in Wonderland.

As student blogger Laura wrote in 2010, “Lake Day is probably one of the best days of the year. It happens on a Wednesday afternoon in September [or October] but the catch is you don't know when it will be until the night before. While you are burning the midnight oil and possibly pulling an all-nighter for that paper that's due tomorrow, a magical elf (or a Wellesley student, what's the difference?) comes by and slips a ticket underneath your door inviting you to Lake Day.… Lake Day is held on Severance Green and there's yummy food like fried dough, cupcakes, popcorn, cotton candy, plus a bouncy castle and a little train that takes you on short rides around Wellesley.”




From “helicopter parenting” to letting children go alone to the park, private parenting gets public scrutiny. 



A recent book by Wellesley sociology professor Markella Rutherford examines private freedom and public constraints for parents and children in the United States.



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