Wellesley Track Coach Featured in Running Times

October 19, 2012

Popular Running Magazine Highlights John Babington's Successful Career

Babington talks to athlete after a race

In Beyond the Scream Tunnel, Running Times magazine talks about Wellesley's connection to competitive running, going way back to cheering on the first Boston Marathon as it raced past campus, to today, when "Quite a few Wellesley students are themselves runners, and some are among the best in the Division III ranks. Their coach, John Babington, is also one of the best, anywhere."

Running Times has an audited circulation of 120,797, and now those readers know about Babington's own running career at Williams College (with a half mile time of 1:56), his early coaching career training high-school competitors, and his work with three-time Olympian and bronze medalist Lynn Jennings, before coming to Wellesley College.

When Babington arrived at Wellesley to coach varsity cross-country, there was no track facility on campus. Since his arrival, Wellesley has added not only a beautiful outdoor facility (in the late 1990s), but a varsity track and field team in 2010. Success has bred success, and Babington has guided the process.

According to the magazine:

A keystone of Babington’s coaching approach is emphasizing each team member’s individual development over her four-year collegiate career, something he sees as beneficial to the team as a whole. “We try to bring them along gradually and have them at their highest level when they’re seniors,” he explains. “It’s a moderate mileage program and sort of conventional. But I’m always staying abreast of other approaches and what others are doing, so we’re not set in our ways.”

Support Blue Cross-Country

The Wellesley Cross Country Invitational will be held Saturday, October 20, 2012, starting at 11:00 a.m. It's Cross Country SENIOR DAY! Come to the Keohane Sports Center Upper Practice Field and support runners from the class of 2013 in their last home contest.


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