Partnerships for Diversity and Inclusion Host Inaugural Event

October 16, 2012

All Students, Faculty, Staff, and Alumnae Invited to Participate in On-Campus Activities

"Diversity bracelets" (each one different) are symbolic of the many experiential takeaways for participants in Wellesley's Partnerships for Diversity and Inclusion's inaugural event on October 16. Workshops, lectures, activity kiosks, displays, and more will be offered throughout the day and across campus.

A full schedule with locations and more info is available on the website; a resource center will be open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. in Tishman Commons.

The sponsor, Partnerships for Diversity and Inclusion, is a campus-wide Wellesley initiative that seeks to advance the College's mission of providing an excellent liberal arts education and to cultivate the capacity for Wellesley College citizens to act to build a strong and vibrant educational community.

The Partnerships for Diversity and Inclusion Initiative is coordinated by Robbin Chapman, associate provost and academic director for diversity and inclusion; Victor Kazanjian, dean of intercultural education and religious and spiritual life; and Carolyn Slaboden, interim co-director of human resources and director of employment, diversity, and inclusion.




In its Burwell v. Hobby Lobby ruling, the S.C. establishing that certain corporations owned by religious families are exempt from federal mandates requiring employers to provide contraceptive health insurance coverage. 



Charlene Galarneau, assistant professor of women's and gender studies, researches the ethics of health and health care, with a focus on philosophical and theological theories of justice attending to gender, race, and class.



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