Skip the Library (Sometimes) and Go to the Show

December 20, 2012

Gabrielle Linnell '13 Offers USA Today College Readers a Reminder to Stay Engaged

campus bulletin board covered with fliers

"When final exams and papers clutter your calendar, it’s easy to ignore the fliers for end-of-semester concerts, plays, and lectures on campus. But should you?" That's the question Gabrielle Linnell '13 posed to readers in a piece for USA Today College where she offered 5 reasons to skip the library and go to the show.

Finals week is winding down, but the advice Linnell offered is great for the school year too—among other benefits, attending cultural events supports the community, helps you to improve your time management skills, and creates lifelong habits, she wrote.

“You can take an hour of your week,” professor Carol Dougherty, William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of Classical Studies and director of the Susan and Donald Newhouse Center for the Humanities, told Linnell for her article. “It’s the stuff that keeps you happy, as well as what makes you a more engaged person.”

Linnell is a medieval and Renaissance studies major with an interest in communications; this was the first time her writing has appeared on USA Today College, a site that publishes "college news by students for students," and is "powered by USA TODAY."




From “helicopter parenting” to letting children go alone to the park, private parenting gets public scrutiny. 



A recent book by Wellesley sociology professor Markella Rutherford examines private freedom and public constraints for parents and children in the United States.



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