HEOA Disclosures

The Higher Education Act of 1965 ensures that certain information be readily accessible to students and families.

Communication tools have changed a lot since 1965, and now we can bring you to all the pertinent information from one starting point. Here.

More information regarding the Higher Education Opportunity Act can be accessed through the U.S. Department of Education's website.

Academic Information

Financial Aid and Cost of Attendance

Student Activities

Student Outcomes

Health Information

Campus Security

Student Privacy

Technology and File Sharing

Other Links and Resources

  • The Wellesley News
    The Wellesley News is Wellesley's weekly distributed newspaper which covers campus-wide events and programs. It includes a weekly police blotter, student senate report, and other information useful to the student community.
  • SBOG Blog
    The Schneider Board of Governers is a Student Government committee responsible for planning and hosting large-scale events, such as concerts in the fall and spring.
  • Student Handbook
    Wellesley College's Student Handbook includes the policies, procedures and rules that frame student life at Wellesley College; these are collected under three categories: the Honor Code, Academic Programs, Policies, and Procedures, and Campus Life Policies and Procedures. Each student is responsible for being familiar with this material.
  • The Honor Code
    Wellesley College's community adheres to an honor code system based on mutual trust and respect for all members of the community. 
  • Campus Life Policies and Procedures
    A more comprehensive list of policies and procedures for specific issues, ranging from parking on campus to decorations in residence halls, can be found in the Student Handbook.