COFHE Membership

The Consortium on Financing Higher Education (COFHE) is an institutionally supported organization of thirty-one private colleges and universities.

COFHE was formed in 1971 to examine how selective, private colleges and universities could discuss their commitment to providing exceptional educational opportunities for highly talented students as well as best practices in fiscal management.

The Wellesley College liaison to COFHE is Jennifer C. Desjarlais, Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid. 


Member Institutions

1. Amherst

2. Barnard College

3. Brown University

4. Bryn Mawr College

5. Carleton College

6. Columbia University

7. Cornell University

8. Dartmouth College

9. Duke University

10. Georgetown University

11. Harvard University

12. Johns Hopkins University

13. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

14. Mount Holyoke College

15. Northwestern University

16. Oberlin College

17. Pomona College

18. Princeton University

19. Rice University

20. Smith College

21. Stanford University

22. Swarthmore College

23. Trinity College

24. University of Chicago

25. University of Pennsylvania

26. University of Rochester

27. Washington University

28. Wellesley College

29. Wesleyan University

30. Williams College

31. Yale University

Amherst, MA

New York, NY

Providence, RI

Bryn Mawr, PA

Northfield, MN

New York, NY

Ithaca, NY

Hanover, NH

Durham, SC

Washington, DC

Cambridge, MA

Baltimore, MD

Cambridge, MA

South Hadley, MA

Evanston, IL

Oberlin, OH

Claremont, CA

Princeton, NJ

Houston, TX

Northampton, MA

Stanford, CA

Swarthmore, PA

Hartford, CT

Chicago, IL

Philadelphia, PA

Rochester, NY

St. Louis, MO

Wellesley, MA

Middleton, CT

Williamstown, MA

New Haven, CT