Annual College Events

Event Month Sponsoring Org/Office Description
New Student Orientation Late August/Early September First Year Dean
Annual week of welcome for new first year, transfer, and DS students.
Convocation September President's Office
Held the day that classes begin, convocation features speeches by the President, Dean of Religious Life, Dean of the College, and President of College Government. Seniors and faculty attend wearing their Commencement regalia.
A Day to Make A Difference September Center for Work and Service
Started in 2000, this event invites all members of the college community and alumnae world-wide to spend a Saturday or Sunday working at college-organized volunteer activities in the local community.
Flower Sunday September
Office of Religious and
Spiritual Life
First held in 1876, Flower Sunday is a community, interfaith, nondenominational celebration. Wellesley "big sisters" give their "little sisters" flowers to celebrate.
Stepsinging I September Alumnae Office
Members of each class sing Wellesley songs on the first day of classes. This is one of Wellesley's oldest traditions which started in 1899. It brings students together and encourages class spirit.
Lake Day Fall Dir. of On-Campus Affairs, Student Board of Governors
Planned by students and announced to the community at midnight the previous day, Lake Day provides fun activities, music and food.
Family and Friends Weekend/Homecoming October
Student Involvement,
Students' families and friends are invited to attend classes and special events. Activities are planned in conjunction with home athletic events.
Tanner Conference Oct/Nov Center for Work and Service
First held in 2001, this day-long conference offers students and alumnae the opportunity to reflect upon their off-campus learning experiences. Classes are cancelled for the day as the community attends the Tanner sessions.
Wilson Lecture October President's Office
This lectureship was endowed by Caroly Wilson '10 to provide Wellesley students with the opportunity to learn first hand from leading scholars and activists about the most significant issues of the day.
Winter Solstice December President's Office Holiday brunch for faculty and staff to celebrate the seasonal holidays.
Alumnae Achievement Awards February Alumnae Office
The award, presented annually since 1970, recognizes alumnae who have brought honor to themselves and to Wellesley College through their outstanding achievements. It also serves as an inspiration to students.
Distinguished Faculty Lecture February President's Office
A member of the faculty is selected by the President to give a lecture on a topic in his or her field on a Wellesley Wednesday, usually in the spring.
Ruhlman Conference April Provost
Started in 1997, this day-long conference allows students the opportunity to share academic work. Classes are cancelled for the day as the community attends the Ruhlman sessions.
Marathon Monday April Dir. of On-Campus Affairs
On the day of the Boston Marathon, classes are cancelled, and students, faculty, and staff cheer on the runners as they pass the campus.
Stepsinging II May
Student Involvement
and Alumnae
Held on the last day of class, this age-old tradition allows the Seniors one final time to sing out their Wellesley pride.
Senior Lunch May Alumnae Office Senior Lunch celebrates the induction of the Senior Class into the Wellesley College Alumnae Association. Speakers include the class dean and a faculty member chosen by the senior class. 
Baccalaureate May Office of Religous and Spiritual Life Baccalaureate is a gathering of graduating seniors and their families/friends on the afternoon before commencement. Each year, seniors, working with the Dean of Religious and Spiritual Life, create a ritual that draws upon the world's spiritual traditions to celebrate the journey of their class through Wellesley College. It includes music, poetry, and dance.
May Music Department
Musical performances by seniors in the Houghton Chapel the night before graduation.
Commencement May/June President's Office
Started in 1879, this is a festive occasion at which the Bachelor of Arts degree is conferred to graduating seniors. The College invites a distinguished person to give the Commencement Address.

Event Month Sponsoring Org/Office Description
Varies with
Muslim Chaplaincy,
Office of Religious and Spiritual Life, Slater International Center and Association
Members of the Wellesley community are invited to join their Muslim sisters in breaking the fast at the end of Ramadan with a festive meal at which the community learns about Islamic culture and religious practice.
Jewish Chaplaincy,
Office of Religious and Spiritual Life
This annual Jewish celebration of the harvest includes an invitation to the campus community to enjoy lunch in the traditional Sukkah on the Chapel Lawn.
LGBTQ History Month
Spectrum and LGBTQ Advisor
Events scheduled to honor LGBTQ people in history and bring pride to the campus. Included in the program is National Coming Out Day.
Mid-Autumn Moon Festival
CSA, Slater
International Center and Association
Sponsored by the Chinese Association, this event celebrates the traditional Chinese Harvest Festival.
Slater International Cultural Show
Slater International Center and Organization
Held during the third week of October, it celebrates the experiences, and gives voice to the life and concerns of our international students on campus, with song, dance, poems, and skits.
Mamaland: A
Celebration of
Wellesley African
Student Association
(WASA) and Slater
International Center
Students from diverse backgrounds come together to share the beauty of the African continent and its Diaspora through dance, skits, song, and other celebratory activities.
Caribbean Expo October
Women for Caribbean
Development (WCD)
Expo offers an experience to share aspects of Caribbean life and culture. The event features cuisine, crafts, live music and other performances from the region.
Diwali November
Hindu Chaplaincy, Office of Religious and Spiritual Life, and Slater
A celebration of the Festival of Diwali, celebrated by Hindu's Jain and Sikhs around the world, at which all members of the Wellesley community are invited to learn about the cultural and religious traditions of South Asia.
Islam Awareness
Al-Muslimat, Office of Religious and Spiritual Life (Office of Religious
and Spiritual Life)
This national event held during early November features various lectures and displays throughout the week to promote awareness of Islam and the Muslim world.
Day of the Dead November
Advisor to Latina
According to the beliefs of several indigenous communities in Mexico and South America, the dead come back to the world once a year (on November 2). Relatives of the dead spend the day at the cemetery, set up a table on top of the graves, eat together, and remember the dead, or set up an altar at their homes to honor those loved ones who have past away. At Wellesley, the food and festivities are re-created and celebrated.
Shruti Laya November
Wellesley Association for South Asian Cultures (WASAC)
This spectacular show displays and celebrates customs,
traditions, and perspectives of Asian cultures through skits, dances, and colorful outfits. Foods unique to the cultures represented are sold during intermission.
Parrandas December
Advisor to Latina
A Latino celebration of the winter holidays, in which students walk through campus buildings led by members of a musical group singing traditional carols and collecting more followers as they go. Afterwards, everyone congregates in Tishman Commons to dance, sing, eat, and celebrate together. Parrandas brings together faculty, staff, and students through music and fellowship in the holiday spirit.
Vespers December Music Department, Office of Religious and Spiritual Life A musical celebration of the season of Christmas at which the Wellesley College choir and guest performers offer a program of seasonal music interspersed with readings in which community members can learn more about the Christian celebration of Christmas. 
Black History Month February
Director of Harambee House
Various events throughout the month to celebrate the history of people of African descent.
Lunar New Year
Chinese Student
Association, Korean Student Association, Vietnamese Student Association
This event is hosted to promote a greater understanding of Chinese culture.
Yuki Matsuri February Japan Club
This festival engages the Wellesley College Community in celebrating Japanese culture.
Chai Month March
Hillel, Office of Religious and Spiritual Life
A series of events celebrating Jewish life, culture and religious practice open to all members of the Wellesley community.
Asian Awareness
Advisor to Students of Asian Descent
This month-long event includes shows, movies, lectures, discussions, and other interesting events about Asian cultures. It is both celebratory and educational in nature.
CSA/KSA Culture
Chinese Student Association and Korean Student Association
Celebrates Chinese and Korean cultures with demonstrations of traditional dances, martial arts, etc.
Nightmarket March
Taiwanese Cultural Organization
This event introduces the Wellesley College community to Taiwanese culture and food.
Latina Month April
Advisor to Latina
The annual Latina Month raised awareness of Latina issues and celebrates the achievements of Latinas with lectures, discussions, films, panels, and performances. Latina month brings the Latina Community together with the greater Wellesley community.
Spring Mela April
Hindu Chaplaincy,
Office of Religious and Spiritual Life, Slater
A rite of spring in the Hindu tradition where participants gather in celebration of the return of the spring season. The celebration on campus includes music, dance and food in the Hindu tradition.
Ethos Fashion
April Ethos
Wellesley students and students from the surrounding educational institutions model the latest clothing in a choreographed fashion show, with proceeds donated to the Kathleen Daly Scholarship Fund and a local charity.
Latina Cultural
Advisor to Latina
The Latina Cultural Show celebrates the cultural richness and diversity of our community through the use of skits, dance presentations, poetry readings, musical performances and participation of outside performers. The show shares the beauty and variety of Latin American and Latino cultures.
LesBiTrans Week April
Spectrum and LGBTQ Advisor
A week of events and programming, both celebratory and educational, around issues of the lesbian, bisexual, and transgender communities.
World Spring
Slater International
Center and Association
A celebration of Spring with games, customs, and food from many nations.


Event Month Sponsoring Org/Office Description
Remix September
Student Board of
Governors (SBOG)
Held during the first week of classes, college students from all over are invited to Tishman Commons for one of the biggest dances of the year.
Planting of Class
Sophomore Class
Each class holds a tree-planting ceremony during Family and Friends Weekend of sophomore year. Started in 1877, this is another of Wellesley's oldest traditions.
Munger Mash October Munger House Council
Held around Halloween, this is a costume party open to all students.
Junior Show November Junior Class Council
Started in 1936, this event is designed to poke fun at Wellesley life. Written, directed, and acted by members of the Junior Class.
Festival of Lights December
Residence Hall Councils/Office of Religious & Spiritual Life
A celebration of the diversity of winter holidays -- their traditions, their spirituality and their cultures. 
Spring Weekend April
Director of On-Campus Affairs (DOOCA)
A weekend of fun and celebration with concerts, movies, a carnival, and other events around a central theme.
First Year Formal April First Year Class Council
Annual formal dance for first year students, friends, and significant others.
Hoop Rolling April Student Involvement
Started in 1895. "Little sisters" guard spots for their senior "big sisters," who race from Tupelo Point to Schneider, rolling their hoops. The winner is thrown in the lake. Tradition holds that the winner will be the first to find success in life.