All data in this section for 2013/2014 are curent as of the 10/1/2013 census date.

Accelerating Students Students who graduate from high school in less than four years, usually leaving at the end of junior year.
Admitted Applicants Students admitted to Wellesley by the Board of Admission.
Applicants Students applying to Wellesley. Count includes students who have withdrawn and who deferred admission, but excludes students with incomplete applications.
Census Date The date on which counts of first-year students were taken for this Factbook: 10/01/2012.
Davis Scholars Non-traditional-aged students working towards a bachelor's degree.
Deferred Students Applicants who were admitted in a previous year and who delayed matriculating until the following year.
Early Decision Plan Application filed by November 1;  decision by mid-December; binding decision if accepted.
Early Evaluation Plan Early evaluation by the end of February to applicants whose credentials are complete by January 1, and who request this plan. Final, non-binding decision in April.
Enrolled Students Students who plan to enroll at Wellesley. Also called "matriculants."
First-generation Students Students of parents who have not received a B.A. or B.S. degree.
International Students Students who are neither citizens nor permanent residents of the United States.
Legacies Students whose mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers, aunts or sisters attended Wellesley College.
Matriculants See "Enrolled Students."
Post-Baccalaureate Students Students with a bachelor's degree taking more undergraduate courses.
Regular Decision Plan Application filed by January 15.  Final, non-binding decision in April.
Selectivity Percentage of admitted applicants from the total number applying to Wellesley (number of admitted applicants / number of applicants).
Traditional-aged Students Students entering college right after high school or students who have not been to college before and are under 24 years of age.
Undeclared Students Students who did not indicate their ethnicity.
Yield Percentage of students from the total number of admitted applicants who actually enroll at Wellesley (number of enrolled students / number of admitted applicants).


NOTE: Updates in student information on students currently enrolled can lead to minor discrepancies between data recorded at the time of admission and data obtained each year for the Factbook.