Courses are offered as part of the curriculum of an academic department or program. A course is identified by a combination of subject, course number and section, e.g., Africana Studies, AFR 105 01.
Subject The subject identifies the department or program.
Course numbers fall within 3 levels (100-199, 200-299 and 300-399). 100-level courses are introductory, 200-level courses are intermediate, 300-level courses are advanced.
The section identifies the specific class. Some courses have several sections that meet at different times, with different instructors; other courses have only a single section.
The number of students registered for the course at the end of Add/Drop period. Student registrations for Laboratories, Discussions or Conferences, which are associated with courses, are not included in course enrollments.
Independent Studies
Courses individually designed by a student and faculty member. This course work includes independent study, which is open to all students (250/250H, 350/350H), and departmental honors (360 and 370).
Interdepartmental Program/Major
A program or major as defined by the Wellesley College catalog; usually a program/major with more than one department. Includes structured individual majors.
Experimental Courses
Courses that are supported by the Committee on Educational Research and Development. These courses are innovative in either content or pedagogy or both.
Extradepartmental Courses
Courses not associated with any particular Wellesley department or program or courses offered through the Marine Studies Consortium.
ARTH100 & ARTH101
These two courses each have a single large section along with multiple conferences taught by different faculty members. Students enroll in conferences and are graded by conference instructors. To best reflect this unusual format, these two courses are treated as multiple section courses with each conference being converted into a section.
Physical Education
Includes only enrollments in courses (e.g., PE 205) for which academic credit is given