Equities Ownership positions in companies that can be traded in public markets; some equities produce current income in the form of dividend payments (e.g. domestic or international common stock).
Fixed Income Investments  Long-term promissory notes that cannot be exchanged for other assets, where interest is generally paid semi-annually and the instrumenet is ultimately repaid at the principal (or par) value (e.g. Treasury bonds, corporate bonds).
Liquid Funds Cash and cash equivalents; highly liquid, virtually risk-free assets with maturities of less than one year (e.g. Treasury bills, commercial paper, certificates of deposits (CD's)). 
Other Ownernship in illiquid assets, usually through a limited partnership structure. Such assets are often referred to as "alternative assets," with a goal of non-correlation to domestic equities and long-term capital appreciation (e.g. private real estate, oil and gas investments, venture capital, leveraged buyouts, distressed securities, risk arbitrage, long/short strategies, commodities). 
Activity/College Fee Fee for student activities and organizations (part of Mandatory Fees).
Comprehensive Fee Sum of tuition, room and board, and mandatory fees.
Facility Fee Fees for institutional facilities and activities in those facilities (part of Mandatory Fees). In 2007/2008, the facilities fee within Wellesley's comprehensive fee was consolidated with tuition.
Mandatory Fees Sum of Activity/College and Facility Fee. The facilities fee does not represent a charge for using specific facilities, and in general our peer institutions do not charge a specific facilities fee.