A.B. Degree
Artium Baccalaurea: the Latin name given to a bachelor's degree at Wellesley College. The Bachelor of Arts degree is the only degree Wellesley confers.
Native-speaker from abroad serving a one-year term as a staff member in a foreign-language department or program. She is able to register for one class per semester as a student.
Auditors Local residents, alumnae, employees, etc. taking a course for no credit.
B.A. Degree Bachelor of Arts (see A.B.)
Cross-Registrants Babson, Brandeis, Olin, and M.I.T. students taking a course at Wellesley.
Davis Scholars Non-traditional-aged students working towards a bachelor's degree.
Educational Vouchers
Primary and secondary teachers taking courses at Wellesley and paying for them with vouchers received for having supervised Wellesley Education students in their practice teaching.
Exchange Students
Visiting students from a 12-College Exchange School, Spelman, or Mills working towards a bachelor's degree at the other institution.
Foreign-Exchange Students
Visiting students from a foreign university spending one or more semesters at Wellesley College.
Full-time equivalent: Each traditional-aged student and each Davis Scholar living on campus is counted as 1.0 FTE. The FTE for other students is calculated by dividing the number of units being taken by 4, except when the student has more than 4.0 units. In such cases the FTE is counted as 1.0.
Full-time Student Any student taking 3 or more units per semester for credit.
Graduation Rate
The percentage of students admitted to Wellesley College as traditional first-year students who graduate from Wellesley after 4, 5, or 6 years of study. Students who withdrew to transfer to another institution are counted as withdraws.
High School Students
Students still in high school taking courses for credit at Wellesley. Most come from Wellesley High School.
Individual Major
A student-designed major not represented in one of the departmental and interdepartmental majors offered.
Interdepartmental Program/Major
A program or major as defined by the Wellesley College catalog; usually a program/major with more than one department. Includes structured individual majors.
International Students Students who are neither citizens nor permanent residents of the United States.
IPEDS Race/Ethnicity
In 2010 the U.S. government mandated a new set of reporting categories for race and ethnicity. Persons who are not U.S citizens or permanent residents are reported as International. Citizens or permanent residents who indicate that they are Hispanic are reported as Hispanic. Non-Hispanic citizens or permanent residents are counted as members of the race they indicate if they indicate a single race, but are reported as having Two or More Races if they indicated more than one race. People who have not indicated any race or ethnicity are reported as Unknown.
Non-degree Candidates
Students who do not fall in the categories of traditional-aged student or Davis Scholar: exchange students, post-baccalaureates, cross-registrants, and high school students taking courses for credit.
Non-resident Student A student who lives off campus.
Normal Course Load
Wellesley students take an average of 3 - 5 units per semester for which they receive from 12 - 20 credit hours, more if a course has a required lab. (See Unit definition.)
Part-time Student Any student taking fewer than 3 units for credit per semester.
Post-Baccalaureate Students
Students with a bachelor's degree taking more undergraduate courses on a part-time basis. Some post-baccalaureate students work towards Massachusetts Teachers Certification.
Registered Students
Students who were registered for courses at Wellesley College on 10/1/2012. Does not include students on any kind of leave.
The percentage of students admitted to Wellesley College as traditional firstyear students who return to Wellesley at the beginning of their sophomore year. Students who withdrew to transfer to another institution are counted as withdraws.
Total Units Required for Degree
32 units
Traditional-Aged Students
Students entering college right after high school or students who have not been to college before and are under 24 years of age.
The value of a typical unit (course) at Wellesley is 4 credit hours. Some laboratory courses and other courses with a large amount of both classroom and preparation time are 1.25 units and earn 5 credit hours. A few courses are half courses, at 0.5 units, and earn 2 credit hours.