Wellesley Centers for Women

Since 1974, the Wellesley Centers for Women has been driving social change through its social science research projects and training programs.

Women’s perspectives and experiences are at the center of all this work, which addresses three major areas: the social and economic status of women and girls and the advancement of their human rights both in the United States and around the globe; the education, care, and development of children and youth; and the emotional well-being of families and individuals. Issues of diversity and equity are central across all the work as are the experiences and perspectives of women from a variety of backgrounds and cultures.

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Core Administration
Executive Director
Deputy Director for Finance & Administration
Deputy Director for Communications & External Relations
Director of Development
Other Core Administrative Staff - 13
Student Assistants - 6
Layli Maparyan
Jean Murphy
Donna Tambascio
Barbara Hayes


Wellesley Centers for Women
Project Directors

Project Staff - 27
Student Assistants - 10
Amy Banks
Nova Biro
Linda Charmaraman
Sumru Erkut
Ellen Gannett
Tracy Gladstone
Jennifer Grossman
Georgia Hall
Amy Hoffman
Emmy Howe
Judith V. Jordan
Erika Kates
Sari Pekkala Kerr
Nancy MacKay
Nancy L. Marshall
Peggy McIntosh
Michelle Porche
Joanne Roberts
Wendy Wagner Robeson
Nan D. Stein
Allison Tracy
Maureen Walker

Approximately 40 casual wage employees as well as consultants and interviewers are employed by the Centers.
*Does not include Counseling Services which has a relationship with the Centers but reports to the Dean of Students.