The University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge are two of the most prestigious universities in the world.  Both Oxford and Cambridge are a federation of individual colleges, each with its own faculty, administrators, grounds, residence halls and traditions.  Students apply directly to a college, rather than to the universities. The hallmark of Oxbridge academics is the tutorial (Oxford) / supervision (Cambridge) system. The tutorial/supervision is typically a one-hour meeting between one or two students and the tutor/supervisor.  Typically tutorials/supervisions meet once a week or every other week, and center on an essay on a topic previously assigned.  The tutor/supervisor will lead a discussion about the essay topic in an effort to provide new insights.  At the end of the session, you will be assigned a new topic and may be offered recommended reading. Tutorials/Supervisions are individually arranged, taking into account the subject to be studied and the tutor's area of expertise.  This system is ideal for hard-working, independent students who are passionate about academics.  Each university also organizes weekly lectures on various academic subjects that all students at the University are welcome to attend, and they are often recommended by Tutors as good supplements to tutorials/supervisions and research.  At Oxbridge you'll be expected to do much more work on your own and think more independently than at Wellesley.  These universities are about depth and  should not be used as a way of fulfilling general requirements; therefore, students are expected to take courses in the subject area of their major.

At a Glance

Location: Oxford or Cambridge, England
Program Type: Direct Enroll.  More information on the approved colleges at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge is available on our approved programs page here and at the links below.  Oxford: By the Numbers is a brief guide to the Wellesley-approved program at Oxford.

University of Oxford, Lady Margaret Hall University of OxfordSt. Anne's
University of Oxford, Mansfield College University of Oxford, Worcester College
University of OxfordSt. Edmund Hall University of Cambridge, Pembroke College
University of OxfordSt. Peter's University of Oxford, St. Catherine's

Terms: Full year or Spring semester, depending on college
Language of Instruction: English
Pre-Requisites: Minimum 3.7 GPA
Full Load:
Cambridge - 4 papers over 2 terms, 2 tutorials per term
Oxford- Full year= 6 tutorials over 3 terms, 2 tutorials per term
Spring semester= 4 tutorials over 2 terms, 2 tutorials per term
Housing Options: Each individual college will provide accomodations
On-Campus Meetings:  There will be an initial information session on Oxbridge programs in late September,  specifics will be posted on the OIS calendar.
Application Process: ALL students applying to Oxbridge must submit the Oxbridge Cover Sheet, College Specific Application and supporting materials to the OIS by 4pm on Tuesday, December 8.

Middlebury Centre for Medieval & Renaissance Studies

The Middlebury - CMRS programme is an opportunity for students to study in Oxford and to take Oxford tutorials and lectures without enrolling directly in the University. Middlebury College partners with Keble College to give students the social, cultural, and academic experiences of the University of Oxford while also accomodating the academic needs and requirements of students from the United States. The CMRS program does not use the Oxbridge cover sheet shown above.  For more information, see the link below.

Centre for Medieval & Renaissance Studies