Wellesley College Travel Assist Program

Managed and administered through ACE USA and Europ Assistance, the Wellesley College Assistance Abroad Program provides all Wellesley College students, faculty and staff who travel for College-related activities with medical, travel and security assistance. Europ Assitance USA is a global assistance leader established in 1963, offering robust services through alarm centers in 34 countries and 850,000 service providers.

Some of the benefits include:

* Emergency Medical Payments, Medical Expense Guarantee, Hospital Admission Guarantee
* Emergency Medical Transport, Medical Evacuation or Repatriation
* Dispatch of a Doctor or Specialist
* Security Evacuation Services
Online Security Information
Pre-Trip Information Services

For a full listing of Program Benefits, click here

The ACE Travel Assistance Program card provides Wellesley's membership number and information about how to access services. Membership cards are distributed to study abroad students at the mandatory pre-departure meeting.  Other travelers should request a card from the appropriate Wellesley administrator:

For study abroad or faculty travel: Office of International Studies- Jennifer Thomas-Starck  
For all other travel: Risk and Compliance Manager - Jodi Williams 

All students are also strongly encouraged to enroll in the US State Department's Smart Traveler Enrollment Program in order to receive advisories and alerts relevant to their study abroad plans. 

In Case of Emergency

In case of emergency, students participating on academic study abroad programs administered or approved by Wellesley should first follow the emergency instructions provided by their study abroad program and/or host institution and notify the OIS as soon as possible. Should students require additional assistance they should access:

1. Call First: The Wellesley College Assistance Abroad Program

1-800-243-6124 (inside the USA)
1-202-659-7803 (Outside the USA call collect)

2. Then, Notify the Office of International Study

During regular office hours, call:    781-283-2320 or 781-283-3532
After hours, call Campus Police:    781-283-2121, to be connected to the staff member on call

3. And, Inform Primary Insurance Carrier

The student, or the student's emergency contact, is responsible for informing her primary insurance carrier.