Planning Your Return

Planning your return

Registration for courses at Wellesley College

All information regarding registration at Wellesley will be communicated to you by your account. If you do not normally consult this account, please arrange for your messages to be forwarded to your usual account. 
You may register for classes in any of the following ways:

  • On-line at your normal registration time
  • By manual registration, if you will not have access to internet at your assigned time. Requests for manual registration should be submitted to the OIS for approval in advance of your registration date.

Courses for the following semester are posted 2-3 weeks in advance of the registration period. For more information visit the Registrar's website

Housing at Wellesley College

Please refer to the Student Housing page for more information about returning from study abroad.

Navigate your Career Journey while Studying Abroad — Planning your Return

Study Abroad is a valuable form of Experiential Learning— a way to gain new perspective on the world and a fresh outlook on your career journey. Wellesley Career Education has useful online tools and virtual resources that will help you to remain active in your career journey from anywhere in the world.

Handshake is a robust online resource offered through Wellesley Career Education, which helps you to identify opportunities for internships, fellowships, or your job search — and provides resources to support your next step. Through Handshake, you’ll find ways to:

Login to Handshake using your Wellesley ID to bring Wellesley Career Education to you— wherever you may be.