Registration for courses at Wellesley College

All information regarding registration at Wellesley will be communicated to you by your account. If you do not normally consult this account, please arrange for your messages to be forwarded to your usual account. 
You may register for classes in any of the following ways:

  • On-line at your normal registration time
  • By manual registration, if you will not have access to internet at your assigned time. Requests for manual registration should be submitted to the OIS for approval in advance of your registration date.

Courses for the following semester are posted 2-3 weeks in advance of the registration period. For more information visit the Registrar's website

Housing at Wellesley College

Please refer to the Student Housing page for more information about returning from study abroad:

Summer Internships

The Center for Work and Service will continue to work with you while you are abroad to identify appropriate internship opportunities.

  • You can schedule appointments to communicate with the CWS staff via Skype, Google video/voice chat, or phone. Log in to your MyCWS account to schedule an appointment and email your counselor to specify you are abroad and the communication method you would like to use.
  • PowerPoint slides for information sessions are available on the CWS website after the session takes place on campus.
  • Some companies and organizations conducting on-campus interviews are also willing to interview applicants who are studying abroad via Skype or video chat. To schedule an interview log in to your MyCWS account. Go to database ->on-campus interview -> schedule -> look for listings specifying study abroad.
  • Keep in mind that applications for Advanced Projects, Grants Program, and Albright Institute are due during January or February and are available online. The Albright Institute interviews can be conducted online if the applicants are studying abroad while the interview process is taking place. The Albright Institute also recognizes that there may be students who have been accepted  and may also be participating in a study abroad program that conflicts with the dates of the Wintersession course. Those students will begin with the internship component in the summer after their junior year, followed by participation in the Wintersession component in their senior year.
  • Before you leave campus, you should verify the schedule of deadlines that are of interest to you and make arrangements for references to be sent to the CWS on your behalf.  You should also sign up to receive the CWS newsletter. For more information, please visit

Preparing for Graduate School and Fellowships

Many students, once abroad, are keen to learn about ways to pursue graduate studies overseas and may wish to pursue national fellowships that will help them do so. Keep in mind that many of the major fellowship programs of interest to students who return from study abroad, such as the Rhodes, Marshall, Fulbright and others, have early fall deadlines. Students who are considering applying to one of these programs should look into the requirements and the application process before leaving campus, ideally, or during the spring semester at the latest. For more information, please visit

Collecting Contact Information and References

Before you leave your study abroad site, make sure to collect names and contact information of your local friends, professors and key administrators so that you may get in touch with them at a later date if necessary. (Just having them in your e-mail address book is not sufficient). If you developed a good relationship with any faculty members, you may wish to have them write a letter of recommendation for you to be added to your CWS file. That way you will have this on hand when applications for fellowships, jobs or graduate programs are due. Have them mail an original directly to the CWS at the following address:

Center for Work and Service

Wellesley College

106 Central Street

Wellesley, MA 02481