2014-15 Academic Year
March 15 Wellesley-in-Aix Application Deadline for Fall 2014 & Full year 2014-15
April 1

Deadline for submitting Leave of Absence form  (Wellesley students only)

Deadline to submit confirmation forms

Week of April 28 Resident Director, Monique Fecteau on Wellesley campus.  Pre-Departure Meeting will be this week. 
August 22-31 Orientation in Paris
August 31 Group travels to Aix-en-Provence
August 31-September 13 Orientation in Aix
September 8 Science Po courses begin
September 15 AMU courses begin
December 20-January 4 Winter Break
January 5-17 1st Semester Exams at AMU
January 8-19 1st Semester Exams at Sciences Po
January 3-11 Orientation in Paris for Spring group
January 12-17 Orientation in Aix for Spring group
January 5 Sciences Po courses begin
January 17 AMU courses begin
February 21-March 1 Winter Break
April 25-May 11 Sciences Po Spring Break
April 25-May 3 AMU Spring Break
May 4-20 AMU 2nd Semster Exams
April 13-18, April 20-25 Sciencs Po 2nd Semester Exams