Fudan University

Fudan garden with stream

Fudan University was established in 1905, initially named Fudan Public School. Its name “Fudan” was given by the distinguished educator in modern Chinese history, Ma Xiangbo.

Since the 1950s, Fudan has enrolled international students, as one of the first few institutions in China to do so. Since that time, Fudan has accepted and trained over 10,000 foreign students from 100 different countries and regions worldwide. Presently there are over 2800 long-term international students in Fudan, half of whom are actively pursuing degrees, the rest are general scholars and visiting scholars. Besides, Fudan will also enroll over 1700 short-term students each year.

The university has a Bachelor of Arts program called the Chinese Language for international students and there have been seven groups of graduates. Besides all levels of Chinese language teaching, the university has opened courses such as Chinese literature, Chinese history, Chinese economy, Chinese philosophy and Chinese law for interested international students. According to their different requirements, these courses will introduce basic knowledge of Chinese social economy, history and culture.

At a Glance

Location: Shanghai, China
Program Type: Exchange/Direct Enroll
Terms: Fall/Spring semester or Full Year
Language of Instruction: Chinese/English
Approximate Dates: Starts each September and February
Full Course Load: 
Fields of Study:
Chinese, Asian Studies, Liberal Arts
Housing Options: 

Estimated Cost of Attendance: 
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