Center for Medieval & Renaissance Studies, Oxford

Study Abroad Program for students with an interest in Medieval, Renaissance or Early Modern Studies in collaboration with the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Oxford University, Middlebury College and a consortium of selective US colleges and universities.  Academic Program consists of 2 tutorial courses (one-on-one or one-on-two) in the liberal arts (Art History, Classics, History, Literature, Philosophy, Religion), a seminar course for all program students (chosen from offerings in History, Literature & Philosophy), and an "Integral Course" ("The Making of Europe 1000-1400" in the fall or "Renaissance to Enlightenment" in the spring) including lecture, a colloquium and field trips.  Faculty are drawn from Oxford University.

At a Glance

Location: Oxford, England
Program Type: Wellesley-sponsored
Terms: Fall, Spring, or Full Year
Language of Instruction: English
Pre-Requisites: Minimum 3.5 GPA, Declared major in Medieval/Renaissance Studies, Classics, History, Art History, Religion, English, or Philosophy
Housing Options: Dormitories 
Full Course Load:
Fields of Study:
Approximate Dates: Fall: early September-mid December, Spring: early January- mid April
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