The Programa de Estudios Hispánicos en Córdoba (PRESHCO), administered by Wellesley College and Smith College, was established by U.S. faculty with several objectives: to encourage the intellectual and personal growth that comes from immersion in another culture, to offer an opportunity to enhance acquisition of the Spanish language, and to foster knowledge and appreciation of Spanish culture through studies in the Humanities, Social Sciences and Fine Arts. Academic life at PRESHCO is centered around courses specially conceived for American college students and taught by regular faculty of the University of Córdoba. Students with sufficient language skills may enroll in regular university classes, some with special tutorials designed for U.S. students. Students are housed in student residences, families, or apartments. Meals are included. PRESHCO offers several excursions each semester to destinations which may include Barcelona, Segovia, Toledo, Granada and Seville. An excursion to Morocco is offered each Fall. Day trips are periodically arranged to various points of cultural interest in the Córdoba region, such as a visit to a Montilla winery or an olive oil press in Baena.

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At a Glance

Students: Up to 40 per semester, women and men. Applications are accepted from Wellesley and Smith, and from other colleges and universities in the US.
Full year: late August to late May
Fall semester: late August to mid December
Spring semester: late January to late May
Location: Cordoba, Spain
Partner Institution: University of Cordoba
Housing: Homestays
Cost: Wellesley Comp Fee. Includes all academic expenses, full room & board, extensive excursions and cultural activities, airfare stipend, course textbooks and class materials, local transportation. Financial aid for Wellesley students is fully transferrable and the Expected Family Contribution will remain constant.
Pre-Requisites: 4 semesters of Spanish, 3.0 GPA
Language of Instruction: Spanish
Application Deadlines:
Fall and Full Year: March 15
Spring: October 15
Fields of Study: Departments where students have taken courses in the past include: Anthropology, Art History, Biology, Chemistry, Cinema & Media Studies, Economics, Education, Environmental Studies, Geography, History, Literature, Math, Philosophy, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Religion, Women & Gender Studies
Full Course Load: 4 courses per semester
Application Instructions:
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