Monthly Payroll Calendar for 2016
Pay No. Pay Period Submit
by 11:00 pm
by 1:00 pm
Check Date
1 January 1-31 Jan-15 Jan-19 Jan-28
2 February 1-28 Feb-12 Feb-16 Feb-26
3 March 1-31 Mar-18 Mar-21 Mar-30
4 April 1-30 Apr-15 Apr-19 Apr-28
5 May 1-31 May-13 May-16 May-27
6 June 1-30 Jun-17 Jun-20 Jun-29
7 July 1-31 Jul-15 Jul-18 Jul-28


May 2016

Dear Colleague,



As the College begins its transition from Banner to the new Workday ERP system, the Finance Office, Budget Office and Human Resources are looking for ways to streamline processes and procedures to serve you more effectively .

In that spirit, we are writing to let you know that all monthly exempt administrat ive staff will be paid on the 15th of each month instead of the end of the month, effective for the pay period beginning August 1, 2016 . Administrative staff members currently paid on the monthly payroll cycle will receive their last end-of-month payroll check on July 28 , 2016. The following paycheck covering the period of August  1 through August 31, 2016 will be paid on August  15, 2016. The paycheck covering the period of September  1 through September 30, 2016 will be paid on September 15th, and so forth.


This change is being made in an effort to provide standardization of time reporting for monthly administrative staff, reduce the total number of payrolls, and to ensure compliance with all federal and state payroll laws and regulations. We are making this change before the switchover to Workday , which will allow for all compensation changes scheduled for July 1st. at the start of the next fiscal year, to be implemented using the existing (month-end) payroll processes, which will help with quality assurance.


The deadline for all monthly administrative staff members to submit their timesheets to report exception time (only vacation time, sick time, or personal time) will be the 8th day of each month.

Please note that we encourage you to review not only your Wellesley paycheck, but also your own financial situation and planning. This change in pay date may require you to change scheduled automatic withdrawals  in your personal bank accounts, as your deposit will now be mid-month as opposed to the end of the month.

Additional information will be provided over the next several months as we get closer to this transition.

Our offices will be reaching out to you periodically to communicate changes and improvements. As always, we are available to answer any questions you may have regarding this change.



Melissa Fletcher

A VP for Finance and Controller

Carolyn Slaboden

AVP for Human Resources and EO



* Please note that Payroll Calendar is subject to change. Please watch for postings on Faculty/Staff.

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