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Exempt (Monthly) Payroll - Web time Entry


The payroll for exempt employees is processed monthly. Employees should report exception hours. All timesheets must be approved by an authorized approver. All additional pay amounts (i.e. stipends) must be approved by Human Resources.


Employees should report exception hours (i.e. vacation, sick, personal, etc.) on the Banner Web for Employees even if no exception hours were taken for the month. Approvers should approve the employees' time on the Banner Web for Employees. Please refer the detailed instructions for the Banner Time Entry procedure.

All timesheets must be completed and approved by 5 business days prior to the check date at noon. Please see the exempt payroll calendar for due dates.

If an employee has not started his/her timesheet on the web, the approver should complete an Exempt (Monthly) Manual timesheet reporting the exception hours and fax it to Payroll before the due date noted above at 781.283.3713.

Prior pay period adjustment hours should be reported on the current timesheet under a Saturday or Sunday with a comment. For example, if an employee takes a vacation day on 7/31 but did not report it on the July timesheet, the employee should report those exception hours on the August timesheet under a Saturday or Sunday with a comment. Please contact Payroll for all other prior pay period adjustment hours.

For hours where a different FOAPAL should be charged, a Payroll FOAPAL Override Labor Distribution form should be completed. An authorized signer of the FOAPAL must approve this form. This form should be faxed to Payroll before the due dated noted above at 781.283.3713.

Request for additional pay amounts should be submitted on a Check Request form with a description of the reason for the additional pay. The form must be approved by an authorized signer of the FOAPAL to be charged. Please forward this form to Human Resources for approval. Do not forward this request directly to Payroll. In order for this request to be processed in time for the monthly payroll, it must be forwarded to Human Resources by the due date noted above by 10:00 am.

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