All (but not only!) the following students are majoring or minoring in philosophy!



- Clara Bartlett '16

"I love philosophy as it stresses the process of inquiry itself, challenging intuitions and pushing for new personal truth across numerous fields like ethics, logic and art."

- Beba Cibralic '16

- Eloisa Cleveland '16

- Abby Duck '16

- Chloe Emerson '15

- Priyanka Fouda '16

"I am interested in Ancient Philosophy, espcially Plato's Myths."

- Sophie Gibert '16

- Ana Harris '15

- Savannah Hauge '16

- Emma Kaufman '16

- Sarah Kim '16

"I appreciate how philosophy can be applied to everything that my life revolves around--art, cinema, political science, etc.--and enriches the way I view these various fields and concepts." 

- Bridgette Lemoine '15

- Lillian Li '15
"I have mostly been interested in moral psychology, but I'm trying to branch out into international ethics."

- Yadira Morales '15
"As a Philosophy and Japanese double major, my main interest in Philosophy lies with learning about cultural differences within philosophies and relgious beliefs. I am particularly intersted with East and South Asian religions."

- Elisabetta Pellegrino '15
Interested in: Ancient Philosophy; Ethics (esp. virtue ethics, history of ethics, nature of value); feelings/emotions (esp. pleasure and pain); personal identity; philosophy in/and literature.

- Lori Rash '16

- Emma Slade-Baxter '15

"My interests run the gamut. Currently, I'm fascinated with the right to informational privacy (if there is one), and how it interacts/comes into tension with othe rights."

- Paulina Sterpe '15

- Inkyung Sul '16

- Bianka Takaoka, Davis Scholar '15

Interested in ethics and animal rights.

- Claudia Yau '16
Avid seeker of eudaimonia.

- Snow Zhang '16

"Logic issues in tautologies, mathematics in identities, philosophy in definitions." - Frank P. Ramsey



- Sizhuang Miao '15