Engineering Opportunities

Engineering is about combining ideas from mathematics, physics, and many other fields to design objects and systems that serve human needs. An undergraduate major in physics can serve as a springboard for studying engineering. At Wellesley, students can explore a wide range of possibilities in the field of engineering, either by taking a single course or a coordinated group of courses designed to prepare them for graduate study in an engineering discipline. These prospects are made possible by Wellesley’s exchange programs with two excellent local institutions: Olin College of Engineering, a pioneer in educating future engineers, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), a world leader in engineering research and education.

Wellesley students majoring in physics can often go directly to graduate school in engineering after four years. However, it is highly recommended that they have at least some exposure to engineering during their undergraduate career. One of Wellesley’s engineering classes, particularly ENGR160: Fundamentals of Engineering, followed by other courses at Olin or MIT, can provide a solid basis for future study.

Wellesley is an excellent place for students interested in both a liberal arts education and engineering; it would not be a good fit for students who are interested in a purely engineering undergraduate experience.

To learn more about engineering opportunities at Wellesley, see the We-Lab web page and the Class Dean's page Engineering in Liberal Arts.