Kaca Bradonjic


(781) 283-3176
B.S., Northeastern University; M.A., Ph. D., Boston University
Science Center 550 G

Kaća Bradonjić
Visiting Lecturer in Physics

Theoretical physicists focused on foundations of general relativity and quantum gravity

My research is driven by a quest for physically motivated set of observables for general relativity and a quantum theory of general relativity. While strictly speaking I do physics, my work is influenced by philosophy and history of general relativity and quantum field theory, especially the foundational questions. For my PhD work, I studied conformal and projective structures, which led me to develop the framework of Unimodular Conformal and Projective Relativity (UCPR), an alternative formulation of the general theory of relativity. Currently, I am working on applying this formalism to various physical phenomena.

I mostly teach lectures and labs for introductory physics courses for non-physics majors (PHYS 104, PHYS 106). My lectures are a mixture of "old-fashioned" lecturing, table-top demonstrations, and, most importantly, in-class conceptual exercises for which students work in groups on conceptual problems related to the relevant topics. I really enjoy working with curious students with little or no background in physics and helping them discover its beauty and predictive power.   Over the course of the last ten years, I have taught physics to science and non-science students, as well as freshmen writing seminars,  Space and Time: Common Sense and Beyond our understanding of space and time. 

I tweet about science, art, philosophy, and education: @physartphil.