Our department has been fortunate over the years to attract a talented and enthusiastic group of majors.

A high fraction have gone to very good graduate programs in physics or other related fields. A very high percentage have been involved in either a graduate program or a job that makes direct use of the skills gained as a result of their undergraduate physics training. In addition to their strong performance in the classroom, our majors are involved in a wide range of other activities. Many are working on independent research projects and we have an active Society of Physics Students chapter. 

Class of 2015

Iglika Atanassova
Kayla Benzaid (Astrophysics)
Kirsten Blancato (Astrophysics)
Alexandra Day
Hannah Harris
Kathryn Ledbetter (Chemical Physics)
Renee Lu
Julia O’Donnell
Eunice Paik
Anna Payne (Astrophysics)
Elena Shaw
Aiman Sherani
Ornela Xhori


Class of 2016

Anicia Arrendondo-Guerrero (Astrophysics)
Julianne Barron
Gillian Beltz-Mohrmann (Astrophysics)
Carina Belvin
Susie Carovillano
Cayla Fromm
Rose Gibson (Astro)
Anne-Marie Hartt (Astrophysics)
Phyllis Ju
Wanyi Li
Rita Marquez
Hikari Muriyama (Chemical Physics)
Catherine Nicoloff
Emma Regan
Camille Samulski (Astrophysics)
Sormeh Yazdi (Astrophysics)