Becoming an APT

Becoming an Academic Peer Tutor

What APTs Do

An APT provides one-on-one tutoring and gives workshops with a focus on basic study skills and academic life at Wellesley. She also serves as a referral agent, helping students find the appropiate academic support service. Some specific skills learning strategies that she helps students with are note-taking, test-taking, memorization, communication, and time management.

What Makes A Good APT?

APTs are mature, successful, and enthusiastic students at Wellesley. They are self-confident and willing to help motivate others to improve their study skills and academic performance. APTs are not necessarily straight "A" students. Often they themselves have had to improve their own study habits to meet a particular academic challenge. The skills they acquired in this process make them especially effective advisors. In essence, an APT should be an empathetic listener who is eager to respond creatively and energetically to the academic needs of others.

Where Are APTs Located?

There are APTs located in each of the dorms on the Wellesley College campus (including Dower!). APTs can also be found in the PLTC center, located on the third floor of the Clapp Library.

How To Become An APT

Do you like helping other students? Are you interested in learning new techniques to improve academic performance? Do you want to reach out to First Year students? If so, you should apply!
APT Applications are now the same as student leader applications and are usually accepted around December or January for the following academic year.  More Information