Group Tutoring Schedule-Fall 2016

Department Day Time Location
ARAB Thursday 5-7pm PLTC
ARTH Wednesday 7-9pm Jewett 354
ASTR Monday & Tuesday 3-5pm ASTR Library
Biological Sciences (details) Sun-Thur 8-10:00 pm SCI 267
Chemistry Sun-Thur 8:30-10pm SCI 273
CHEM 211-1 Sun 8-9p & Wed 4-5pm   PLTC-room 313
Chinese Wednesday 3-5pm PLTC
Computer Science (details) Sun-Thur 7-10:30 p SCI E101
Economics (details) Sun-Thur 7-9:00 p PNE 327

English Language Resource Ctr (ELRC)

    Sanger Room-Clapp
GEO Science Sunday 7-9pm E201
JPN 101 Tuesday 6:30-8:30pm PLTC-room 313
JPN 201 Sun 4-5p & Thursdday 7:30-8:30pm   PLTC-room 313
KOR Tuesday & Thursday 7-8pm PLTC
LING 114 Monday & Thursday 7-9pm PLTC-room 318
Math (details) Sunday-Thursday 7-9:00 p SCI 362
MUS 220 Sunday 3-6pm JAC 106 Wed 6-7p JAC 218  
MUS 100 & 122 Monday 7-8p  Wednesday 5-6p Jewett 146
NEUR 100 Wednesday 7-8pm Sage Lounge
NEUR 200 Monday 8-9pm Sage Lounge
Physics Monday, Wednesday-Thursday 7:00- 9:00 p SCI E319
QR 140 Tuesday 8-10pm Clapp 152
SPAN Wednesday 7:30-9p PLTC



Writing Tutoring

Location: PLTC, Clapp Library, 3rd floor

  • To arrange an appointment, please use the online scheduler at:
  • A science writing tutor is available. Please see the online scheduler.
  • Please bring a copy of your assignment to your conference. If you have already written a draft of your paper, please bring a printed copy with you.