Computer Science Help Schedule-Fall 2015

Course day/time location tutor
CS 111 Sunday 4-10pm E101 Emma, Kathleen, Pet, and Jackie
  Monday 4-10pm E101 Cece, Anne, Brenna, Pet and Daniela
  Wednesday 4-10pm E101 Daniela, Kathleen & Jackie 
  Thursday 4-8pm E101 Kate
CS 115 Sunday & Monday 7-9pm SCI 160A Alice & Dana
CS 220      
CS 230 Sunday 6-10pm SCI 257 Mary, Ainsley & Eliana
  Monday 7-9pm SCI 257 Sophia & Sam
  Thursday 6-9pm SCI 257 Hannah & Evelyn
CS 231 Sunday 7-9pm SCI E211 Sunnia
  Tuesday 7-9pm SCI E211 Sappha
  Wednesday 7-9pm SCI E211 Sarah
CS 240 Monday 7-9pm SCI Microfocus Madeline
  Tuesday 7-10pm SCI Mircofocus Amy & Kim
SCI 173 Ella & Madeline
  Thursday 7-10pm SCI Microfocus Amy & Kim
CS 304 Tuesday 7-9pm SCI 257 Sam
CS 307 Wednesday 9-10pm SCI 160A Jasmine