Economics Group Tutoring Schedule

Drop-in Schedule - Spring 2014

Course day Time Loc tutor
Econ 101 Tuesday 7:00 - 9:00 p PNW 116


  Wednesday 7:00-9:00p PNW 116 Taylor
  Thursday 7:00-9:00p PNW 116 Sophie
Econ 102 Sunday 7:00-9:00p PNW 116 Amy & Liang
  Monday 7:00-9:00p PNW 116 Paige
  Tuesday 7:00-9:00p PNW 116 Sophie
  Wednesday 7:00-9:00p PNW 116 Paige
  Thursday 7:00-9:00p PNW 116 Evelyn
Econ 103-01 Wednesday 8-9:30p PNE 332 Alice Liang
  Thursday 7-8:30p PNE 332 Soojin
103-2       Aili
103-03 Tuesday 7:30-9p PNE 116 Prerana
201-1       Melody
201-2 Thursday 6-8p PNW 116 Haley G
202-1 Tuesday 7-9pm PNE 116 Cherry
202-2 Mon & Thurs 5-6pm Pendleton Atrium Michelle B
Econ 203-1 Wednesday 5:30-7:30p PNE129 Poppy
Econ 203-2 Monday 7:30-9p PNE 129 Helen W

Econ 203-3

Tuesday 7:30-9pm PNE 129 Wendu W





Last day of PLTC tutoring is Friday, May 9th.

Good luck with your finals!!!!



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