Requesting a Tutor

To request a tutor, fill out the following forms, submit them to the PLTC, and allow 1-2 business days for processing.


* These tutors are available for most courses, however instructor approval is required for courses in ECON, MATH, ECON, CS, BISC, CHEM and Physics, and for courses with a designated SI leader.

Fall  2014 Supplemental Instruction (SI) is available in the following courses: CHEM 105-1(Verschoor); CHEM 105-2(Varder-Ulu): CHEM 105-3 (Corrico Moniz); CHEM 205-1 (Elmore); CHEM 205-02(Nunez): CHEM 211-03(Hearn):  MATH 115-01, 03 & 04(Simon): MATH 116-01 (Magid); MATH 215-01 & 02(Tannenhauser); NEUR 100-01(Bauer); NEUR 100-02 (Conway); NEUR 200-01(Wiest); CS 111-01(Tjaden); CS 230-02(Woods), and PHYS 107-02 (Stark)



PLTC Help Room's will open on Sunday, February 1st, and Individual tutoring will begin on Sunday, February 8th


Applications are now available for 2015-2016 student leader postions, please see link for more information:


Clapp Library

The Margaret Clapp Library is the largest library on campus, focused on humanities and social sciences. It also houses the love letters of Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

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