Taiwanese Cultural Organization
Taiwanese Cultural Organization out to dinner

In the fall of 1999, a group of Wellesley College students decided to form the first Taiwanese organization on campus. They realized that there was a strong interest in Taiwan's history, politics, and culture from Taiwanese students as well as non-Taiwanese members of the College community. It became clear Wellesley needed an organized place to address these issues to a campus-wide audience and to communicate effectively with other Taiwanese organizations around the world. That year, Taiwanese Student Association (TSA) became an official organization, focusing on both cultural and political issues.

Over time, the relationship between Taiwan and China has become increasingly complex. However, TSA was not formed to promote the independence of Taiwan or the reunification of Taiwan and mainland China. In the fall of 2003, TSA changed its name to Taiwanese Cultural Organization (TCO) to show that its members come from variety of backgrounds and have different views regarding Taiwan's situation.

TCO seeks to address issues about Taiwan in the College community and encourages open discussions about all topics. We welcome members from all backgrounds. All that we require is an interest in learning more about Taiwan.