The QAI provides resources and instruction for important concepts and skills in Quantitative Analysis. 

Information about the Minor in Statistics can be found on the Math Department here.

Please click here for a handout on the new minor in statistics.


Math 221 - Offered in Spring 2017


To learn more about any of the QAI's courses, see below:

STAT 260 / QR 260 - Offered every Fall semester

This course in Applied Data Analysis is offered during the year.  

Econ 309/QR 309/Soc 319 - Not offered in 2016/2017, last offered in Spring 2016

This course is aimed at upper-level students from a variety of disciplines who have completed previous coursework in statistics. 


Online Modules

QAI has developed extensive resources for R and applied data analysis at the level of QR 260. Currently the QAI is in the process of creating more online modules based on these courses.


Summer Course

The QAI runs a summer course, primarily designed for students involved in the science or social science summer research programs. This course on applied data analysis is equivalent to QR 260 (see below). 

QR 170

This First Year Seminar, previously offered in Fall 2013, is one of two QAI courses that focuses on causal inference. It aimed at students with little or no statistical background. This course may be brought back in the future. 


Wellesley's Quantitative Reasoning program also offers quantitative courses across the curriculum.