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Academic Calendar Carol Shanmugaratnam cshanmug 3311
Academic Event Scheduling (e.g. Study and Review Sessions, additional class meetings, make-up class sessions) Cindi Voorhees cvoorhee 2393
Address Changes (for current students) Katherine Schultheis kschulth 2313
AP and IB credit Audrey Mutascio amutasci 2309
Banner student data access Carol Shanmugaratnam cshanmug 3311
Catalog (including catalog changes) Catalog Email Account catalog  
Classroom Assignments Cindi Voorhees cvoorhee 2393
Commencement logistics Stephanie Kirylych skirylyc 3310
Course Scheduling Cindi Voorhees cvoorhee 2393
Cross-Registration (visiting students) Katherine Schultheis kschulth 2313
Cross-Registration (Wellesley students) Audrey Mutascio amutasci 2309
Curriculum (including New Courses) Catalog Email Account catalog  
Customer Service Katherine Schultheis kschulth 2313
Data access and reporting Carol Shanmugaratnam cshanmug 3311
Degree Audit Stephanie Kirylych skirylyc 3310
Degree Verifications Audrey Mutascio amutasci 2309
Diplomas Audrey Mutascio amutasci 2309
Enrollment Verifications Katherine Schultheis kschulth 2313
FERPA Stephanie Kirylych skirylyc 3310
Final Exams and Schedules Cindi Voorhees cvoorhee 2393
General inquiries Main Registrar Account registrar 2307
Grade reports (students) Transcript Email Account transcripts 2307
Grade submission and grade changes (faculty) Stephanie Kirylych skirylyc 3310
Incomplete grades Stephanie Kirylych skirylyc 3310
Individual Major Proposals Carol Shanmugaratnam cshanmug 3311
Latin Honors Michelle Gillett mgillett 2308
Major and minor declarations and changes Katherine Schultheis kschulth 2313
Name changes Katherine Schultheis kschulth 2313
Permission of Instructor - add to or remove from course schedule (faculty) Cindi Voorhees cvoorhee 2393
Registration (Add, Drop, Withdrawal) Katherine Schultheis kschulth 2313
Registration (Independent Study, Thesis) Audrey Mutascio amutasci 2309
Reports Carol Shanmugaratnam cshanmug 3311
Schiff Fellowship applications Amy Chandler-Nelson achandle  
Self-Scheduled Examinations Kristy Wilson kwilson3 3312
Smart Catalog (IQ) support Catalog Email Account catalog  
Student Course Evaluations (SEQ) Audrey Mutascio amutasci 2309
Student Status Changes (leaves, withdrawals, readmission) Stephanie Kirylych skirylyc 3310
Theses and Honors in the Major Amy Chandler-Nelson achandle  
Transcript Services Transcript Email Account transcripts 2307
Transfer Credit Audrey Mutascio amutasci 2309
Veterans Administration Certifying Official Carol Shanmugaratnam cshanmug 3311

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